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Conformity Assessment Body SAPA INTERSYSTEM has a testing center (TC), which is accredited in the State System of Technical Regulation of the Republic of Qazaqstan for technical competence and meets the requirements of GOST ISO/IEC 17025-2019.
The SAPA INTERSYSTEM Test Center to conduct certification tests in the declared area of accreditation has all the necessary:
  • testing and auxiliary premises;
  • testing and measuring instruments (more than 200 units of testing and measuring instruments are reviewed in the IC);
  • standard samples;
  • regulatory documents;
  • personnel.
The SAPA INTERSYSTEM Test Center conducts the following certification and control tests:
Mechanical parameters:
  • metal and structures;
  • building materials and structures;
  • long and shaped rolled products, steel ropes;
  • welded joints of metal structures;
  • cast iron and carbon steel, low-alloy and high-alloy;
  • non-ferrous metals and alloys
Non-destructive testing of metal and structures:
  • visual measuring
  • ultrasonic
  • capillary
  • magnetic powder
  • hardness measurements
Portable hardness testers indicators of electrical safety of products in the field of energy, electrical and electronic industry, instrumentation. Safety indicators of mechanical engineering products.
Physico-chemical parameters:
  • petroleum products;
  • chemicals and auxiliary substances used in the oil and gas industry and other industries
  • oil;
  • coal;
  • cast iron and carbon steel, low-alloy and high-alloy;
  • ferroalloys;
  • non-ferrous metals and alloys;
  • building materials and structures;
  • non-metallic building materials (sand, clay, gravel, crushed stone);
  • wall building materials (bricks and wall stones, sawn facing slabs made of natural stone, concrete wall stones, cellular concrete blocks)
  • ceramic products (tiles of various types);
  • concrete and reinforced concrete products;
  • finishing paint and polymer materials, solvents;
  • glue for wallpaper, linoleum and facing tiles;
  • wallpaper;
  • polyvinyl chloride profiles for window and door blocks and products made of them;
  • window blocks made of polyvinyl chloride aluminum profiles



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