How to get an EAEU certificate


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The procedure for obtaining a certificate of conformity of the EAEU includes:

  1. submission of an application by the applicant to the certification body (documents are submitted together with the application according to a certain list)
  2. consideration of the application by the body and preliminary analysis of the submitted documents in order to determine the possibility of carrying out work on certification of the declared products
  3. coordination with the applicant of the terms of work and conclusion of the contract
  4. product identification and/or sampling (depending on the certification scheme)
  5. testing of product samples in an accredited testing laboratory (if it is provided for by the certification scheme)
  6. analysis of the state of production (if provided for by the certification scheme)
  7. consideration of test results, analysis of the state of production, submitted documentation and decision-making on the issuance of certificates of conformity;
  8. registration, registration and issuance of certificates of conformity
  9. conducting annual inspection control of certified products (in case of certification of mass-produced product

Requirement for the applicant:

The applicant can only be a legal entity registered in the Republic of Kazakhstan, or in another member state of the EAEU.

This legal entity must be a manufacturer of the claimed products, or a supplier, or must have an agreement with a manufacturer located outside the territory of the EAEU countries, confirming that the applicant is an authorized person of the manufacturer in the territory of the EAEU and is responsible for ensuring the compliance of the manufacturer’s products supplied to the territory of the EAEU with the requirements of the relevant TR EAEU / CU.

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