Suspend, revoke, or reduce the scope of certification


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Suspension, cancellation of the certificate
or shortening the scope of certification

5.11 Suspend a certificate, revoke a certificate, or reduce the scope of certification

5.11.1 The certificate is suspended in the following cases:

  • the certified management system has consistently or seriously violated compliance with certification requirements, including requirements for the effectiveness of the management system;
  • the certified customer does not allow inspection or recertification audits to be carried out in accordance with the established frequency;
  • The certified customer voluntarily requested a suspension.

When the certificate is suspended, the customer’s quality management system becomes temporarily inactive. Information about the suspension of the certificate of conformity is communicated to the customer.

Information about the suspension is published on the website of SAPA INTERSYSTEM LLP (www.sapaiskz. com).
5.11.2 If the inconsistencies due to which the validity of the certificate of conformity is suspended are not eliminated within the established time limits, the CAB CM decides to cancel the validity of the certificate in the form of FSM-28-16 or to reduce the scope of certification in the form of FSM-28-17 and brings it to the attention of the customer.

The decision is made by the CEO or an authorized person who did not participate in the audit.

The period of suspension of the certificate is six months.

5.11.3 The grounds for reducing the scope of certification are:

  • a letter of request from the certificate holder indicating the excluded type of product or stages of the product life cycle;
  • the results of the inspection audit, recertification, obtaining information about changes in the CM of the organization that may affect the fulfillment of the requirements for certification.

On the basis of the letter of request of the certificate holder, the OPS SM decides to reduce the scope of certification in the form of FSM-28-17 and brings it to the customer.

When the customer repeatedly or seriously violates compliance with the requirements for any parts of the certification area, the CAB reduces the scope of the customer’s certification, excluding parts that do not meet the established requirements.

Recommendations on the reduction of the scope of certification on the initiative of the OPS SM are drawn up in the form of an act of arbitrary form, one copy of the act is transferred to the customer.

The decision to reduce the scope of certification of the customer is made by the General Director of SAPA INTERSYSTEM LLP – the head of the CAB SM or an authorized person appointed by the order.

Based on the decision, instead of the current certificate of conformity, a new one with a reduced scope of certification is issued. At the same time, the number and validity period of the certificate of conformity are preserved, and the date of issue coincides with the date of the decision to reduce the scope of certification.

The previous certificate of conformity of the CM is considered invalid.

Any such reduction in the scope of certification must comply with the requirements of the standard used for certification.

5.11.4 The contract for certification in accordance with DP-SM-10 includes an obligation on the part of the customer that in case of suspension of the certificate, the customer will refrain from referring to the certification of the management system, and in case of receipt of a notification of cancellation of the certificate, he will stop using all advertising materials containing any references to his certified status.

5.11.5 At the request of any party, the CM CAB provides accurate information regarding the certification status of the customer’s quality management system: “the certificate has been suspended”, “the certificate has been canceled”, “the scope of certification has been reduced”


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