List of documents required to obtain an expert opinion


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The list of documents required for the preparation of an expert opinion:

  1. information about the manufacturer (country, company profile, work experience, production capacity, etc.);
  2. product name (type/model/brand, year of manufacture, manufacturer’s recommended service life (operation);
  3. technical description and purpose of products (main elements/assemblies, principle of operation, main technical characteristics);
  4. information about the limiting parameters of all harmful and dangerous factors that arise during operation;
  5. information on design solutions that ensure that the values of harmful and dangerous production factors are brought to acceptable values, the level of their reliability;
  6. information about the likelihood of exposure to harmful and hazardous production factors on production personnel, the population, the environment, the degree of their damaging effects during operation, in case of accidents, incidents;
  7. copies of certificates of conformity of the quality management system of the manufacturer to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 (or equivalent);
  8. copies of certificates of conformity or declarations of conformity valid in Kazakhstan (if products are subject to mandatory certification or declaration);
  9. copies of test reports and non-destructive testing of products carried out during the manufacturing process;
  10. passport or a document replacing it;
  11. a list of regulatory documents in accordance with which the products were manufactured (basic);
  12. general view drawings, diagrams;
  13. instructions (manual) for installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance;
  14. for components and materials used in the manufacture of products – certificates of conformity, quality or test reports;
  15. documents confirming the qualifications of key personnel involved in the manufacture of products.


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